Event Flags

Flag Poles

Our flag pole banners are fully compliant with regulations set by the City Council and other local authorities. The specifications are set down below for reference purposes, and are used to guide our clients when developing an effective and eye-catching banner design.


  • Only specified temporary swivel brackets that are approved by the Public Lighting Section of Utility Services may be used.
  • Only street poles designated for use as flag pole banners may be used.
  • A protective rubber tab must be placed under the bracket.
  • The horizontal bar must have a swivel mechanism with a positioning system to allow wind load to be transferred away from the pole and the vertical bracket.
  • The bracket must be hot-dipped galvanized.
  • When erecting and dismantling banners, only the horizontal arm is removed. The vertical bracket may remain on the pole to prevent damage unless the Public Lighting Section of Utility Services requires that the vertical bracket be removed as well.
  • Only cherry pickers are to be used to perform this operation.
  • All relevant traffic rules are to be adhered to.
  • Only 100% silkscreen fabric prints are permitted (see diagram).
  • Polyester bunting with 100% penetration is permitted on the reverse side.
  • The permitted size per banner is 1.2m x 2.7m
  • Only 5% of the flag may display sponsor logo or advertising.