Street Pole Advertising

Why use posters?

We provide a high Visual Impact and innovative poster design which will give
your campaign the necessary exposure across Western Cape and parts of South Africa.

Our pole posters are a fundamental part of marketing for any kind of event. The experienced and professional team can advise you on a distribution strategy for your campaign to ensure exact target market and locations.


What poster services does K & A Marketing offer?

K&A’s Poster Division specializes in all printing, backing, distribution and removal of posters. We also manage all required Council permissions so that you can rest assured your campaign will run as planned. Our posters are highly cost-effective and can be ordered from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 2 000 exposures in either A1 (594mm x 840mm) or A2 (594mm x 420mm) sizes.


Steps to getting your posters on poles:

Our poster division team is ready to assist with your campaign. Below is how we go about to effectively execute the task.

  • Please assist by sending us the required information to ensure your request is done accurately as well as speedily.
  • Our team obtains approval from City Authorities on your behalf.
  • Email your artwork with correct details: date, venue and time.
  • Select correct poster size and quantity.
  • For your event we print, distribute and remove once event is concluded.