Trailer Advertising

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Why use trailer advertising?

This medium creates a high impact and leaves a lasting impression on your consumer. It is more cost effective than most other advertising mediums and represents one of the best forms of local advertising available. Trailer adverts are mobile and are constantly being seen which means that an average of 150 000 people can be reached per week.

A set of vinyl billboards will last for approximately one year with normal use and care. The actual vinyl will last for longer than two years, but the ink used to print the artwork will begin to fade from exposure to sunlight and other harsh weather conditions.


Trailer poster specification

The trailer poster specification provides for a landscape image of 5 800mm by 2 900mm that is printed from a 300 dpi PDF file. This standard allows for high definition image quality that is very eye-catching.
Is it cost-effective to use trailer advertising?

Yes, it is. Our price is all-inclusive and covers the production cost of the billboard as well as the expenses for the driver, fuel and travel. We do not have any hidden charges. You will only pay extra if you choose to extend your campaign over additional hours, days or locations. We are also able to customize your campaign to suit your specific routes and needs to optimize your return on investment.

Back of Trailer

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Sides of Trailer